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More is needed than you might think when it comes to your septic tank. We have cleared the confusion for you.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Septic tank pumping should be more frequent
    3 to 5 years is the recommended period to pump your septic tank. However, the timeline to pump will also be influenced by how big your household is, the number of toilets, wastewater generated, the volume of the solids found in the wastewater, and your septic tank’s size.
    Your tank may need more frequent pumping when all these factors are in play.
    For this reason, it’s essential to call the professionals for an inspection to assess and evaluate your tank and recommend when it should be pumped and cleaned.
  • What goes into septic tank pumping
    The septic tank pumping process is relatively straightforward; here’s what to expect. The company will use a vacuum truck first to pump out the sludge from your septic tank. The sludge is then transported to the landfills or designated facility, where they are disposed of properly.
    The vacuum truck is also used to drain the wastewater from your tank, which is discharged into a water body but treated first before the discharge.
    After the solids and the wastewater have been taken out, the vacuum truck then refills the septic tank with clean water.
  • Septic system care is important
    It’s important to hire professionals to service your septic system to maintain its health. You should also understand and watch for all the signs that your tank needs an expert intervention and practice preventive measures to maintain the septic’s health.

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