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Septic tanks are buried underground, which makes them easy to forget. However, every drop of water that goes into your drain ends up in your septic tank, and so it requires proper checkups for it to function optimally and to have a long lifespan. On top of that, septic tank maintenance can save you tens of thousands of repairs.

To understand how to care for a septic tank, you need to know how it works first:

A septic tank is used to filter all the household waste before the waste goes into the purification drain field. All the wastes from the toilet, bath, kitchen, and laundry, flows into the septic tank. A typical functional septic tank would then decompose the solids with bacteria’s help while filtering the water part of the waste.

So, now that you know what happens, this is how to keep your septic tank healthy:

  • Don’t let chemicals and garbage go into your septic tank
    We mentioned before that your septic tank is a giant organism, meaning it contains living organisms such as bacteria that help digest and treat the waste.
    Chemicals interfere with these organisms and solids that can’t decompose remains and pile up in the tank. If not removed, you’ll likely experience a septic tank overflow; who wants that?
    One rule of thumb: don’t dispose of anything down your drain that can be easily disposed of in the trash or other ways.
  • Reduce wastewater
    Too much water is harmful to your septic system; it makes it work harder than it should filter the wastewater. So, to reduce your wastewater, practice good water-saving habits that are:
    • Never leave your faucets running
    • Repair all leaky faucets
    • And you can use a low-flow showerhead.
  • Septic tank pumping is crucial
    The essential part of septic tank care is to have it pumped by a trained professional when nearing its capacity.

And remember, septic tank inspection also goes a long way.

It’s not strange that unexpected items find their way into your septic tank, and regular inspection helps in ensuring these items don’t just stay and pile but are removed as soon as possible.

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