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They say “bad habits die hard,” which is sometimes used to justify bad habits that may seem simple but are ruining critical aspects of your home.

For instance, some shower habits look harmless but are detrimental to your plumbing system.

Here are some of these lousy shower habits:

  • Leaving your hair washed down the drain
    Drain blockage is a challenging issue for your plumbing system. And as small as your fallen hairs may seem, the damage they can cause is massive.
    So, it’s best to use a drain trap when showering and keep the drain trap clean.
  • Not cleaning the shower often
    Showers are more susceptible to dirt than you think since all the dirt and grime from your body has to go somewhere, right?
    If you don’t clean your shower more often, the dirt build-up will cause issues to your plumbing system and your health.
  • Ignoring “minor” plumbing issues
    Fixing a minor leak or scheduling drain cleaning once in a while are a few of the plumbing needs you ought not to ignore since every little problem often results in a much bigger issue.

So, to prevent the bigger problems, remember to always take care of the minor issues.

Hire Lazy Drains Rooter Services for all your drainage problems

Our professionals have experience in handling a wide variety of plumbing issues. Our rooter services, for one, are meant to help clear clogged drains.

Rooter services are a much more advanced drain cleaning that helps in:

  • Reducing blockages and clogs
  • Fixing slow drains
  • Maintaining a safe and clean outdoor area
  • And maintaining a clean and pleasant home environment

Don’t allow your drains to give you a headache; call us.

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