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Septic tanks are often large containers located near or at your home’s foundation where the household waste is treated and broken down before being discharged into the ground. Many problems could arise with a septic system, but here are some common issues homeowners may face.

Overflowing to Sewer

Septic tanks are designed to hold a specific amount of wastewater before overflowing into the surrounding soil and sewer system.

If the tank isn’t holding up to the pressure of waste, it could flood local areas with sewage, resulting in a large-scale problem for your property’s surroundings.


Adjust the balls located on the tank. When the balls are overfilled, they can be removed to allow more waste to flow into the tank. When it comes time to pour concrete for your home’s foundation, ensure that you don’t spill over any of the openings in your septic system.

Leaking Leach Field

Septic tanks typically have a leach field where bacteria is added and broken down for wastewater treatment.

When building a home foundation, a septic company may add in a leach field. Depending on the soil type involved, the area can be filled with gravel or soil and layered with sand.


If you notice any small puddles of water appearing in your septic system’s leach field, it may be because the system is leaking. These small leaks require proper repair for the septic tank to function correctly.

Pulsating Tank or Leaking Lines

When your drain field is located below your septic tank, the toilet can cause a vibration when flushed.


Check your tank to see if the ground around it is level. You may have to add a layer of gravel or sand under the concrete slabs for a more level surface.

Septic tanks and septic systems will require regular maintenance throughout the years, but with some basic knowledge of how they work, you can help ensure that yours is working as correctly as possible.

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