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It can be frustrating if you’re suddenly finding yourself with lukewarm water (or no water at all) coming from your shower. Below are some possible causes of why your hot water might have gone cold.

  1. The pilot light on your water heater may have gone out. This is especially common in gas water heaters. Relighting the pilot light should fix the problem.
  2. There could be a problem with the heating element in your water heater, which is more common in electric water heaters. Replace the heating element to fix the problem.
  3. Your water heater could be old and in need of replacement. If you have been using your water heater for ten years or more, it may be time for a new one.
  4. Your hot water pipes could be leaking. This can cause the water to cool off as it leaks out before reaching your shower. Check for any signs of leaks and have them repaired as soon as possible.
  5. There might be something wrong with the pressure relief valve on your water heater. This valve is made to release pressure whenever the water gets too hot. If it’s not working correctly, it can cause the water to become lukewarm or even cold.

If you’re having trouble troubleshooting the problem yourself, you can always call a plumber for help. They’ll determine the issue and get your hot water flowing again in no time.

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