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Admit it; clogged drains are a headache and can be very annoying.

Lucky for you, it’s an issue that you can avoid.

So, to prevent dealing with clogged drains or another plumbing fiasco, make sure the following things don’t find their way into your drain.

  • Makeup pads, cotton balls, or anything cotton
    When soaked, cotton items absorb water, and they don’t break. Putting them accidentally or dumping them in your drain is a recipe for disaster.
    What they do is, obstruct your drain, causing water to drain slowly and cause a clog.
  • Grease and adhesives
    Your sink might seem like a convenient place to wash down any adhesive, maybe the remaining glue from your DIY project. However, anything that sticks when it dries will cause a blockage in your pipe. Same to grease, it solidifies when it cools off.
    So, if you continue pouring grease down your sink, over time, it will build up down in your pipes and your sewer line, causing a blockage hence preventing other things, including water, from passing through.
  • Wet wipes
    Wet wipes are not like tissue, even the ones indicated as “flushable” are sometimes not. Wet wipes are designed to hold in moisture, and like cotton, they don’t break in the presence of water. So, there’s no way they’ll break down in your drain. Instead, they’ll cause a clog.
    These are just a few of the culprits that find their way into your drain and clog it. So, if you don’t want to spend so much cash on plumbing services, make sure these items don’t land in your drain.

But, in case you’re already dealing with a clog, it’s high time to call in drain cleaning services.

Hire Lazy Drains to Handle Your Drain Cleaning needs

It’s imperative to have and maintain a working plumbing system. If you’re dealing with clogs on any other plumbing issues, our experts can be of great help.

We fix slow drains, reduce blockages and clogs, and we can help you maintain a clean and pleasant home.

We have the right tools, knowledge, and grit to handle any drain, septic, or sewer situation.

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