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There are several circumstances where you need to call a plumber. Whether you want more information on how to maintain the system yourself or if the drain is backed up, these circumstances will help you decide when it’s time to call for plumbing inspections.

  1. You Have Low Water Pressure or Slow Drains: If your water pressure has diminished, or if your drains have slowed down and become unresponsive, a problem upstream of the fixture needs to be addressed by a professional plumber.
  2. You Have a Leaking Faucet: If you notice water leaking from your faucet, there may be a problem with the faucet itself. If you don’t discover the leak and it continues to cause damage to your home, it’s time for a plumbing inspection.
  3. You Have No Hot Water: If you have a total lack of hot water, there may be an issue with the water system. Your faucets and taps may be working, but your water heater is being overwhelmed.
  4. Your Water Pressure Is a Little Low: When your water pressure is below normal, and it’s affecting the flow of your water, there may be a problem upstream that needs to be addressed by a professional plumber.
  5. When You Have Water Leaks or No Hot Water: If you have a water leak or no hot water, you need to contact a professional plumber immediately. A leaky faucet can cause thousands of dollars in damage over time, not to mention the health hazards of an unsanitary environment.

Get Professional Plumbing Inspection Services in Grass Valley, Ca and the Surrounding Areas

Inspecting your water systems to check for corrosion, iron, leaks, and overall condition is the best way to ensure that your plumbing system is in safe working order. Skilled professionals can help you with this inspection and provide emergency services if necessary.

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