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Lazy Drains Septic, Sewer and Drain Cleaning has over 50 years of septic and drainage system experience that has been passed down through 5 generations. We’ve seen it all here and we’re not afraid to get dirty. Whatever it takes to get the job done, we’ll do!

Rooter Services

Here at Lazy Drains, we are your local experts in drain cleaning and offer rooter services that will leave your pumping working better than ever. A rooter is a drain cleaning machine that unblocks drains that have been clogged with tree roots, and other hard to reach debris. Roots that get tangled inside pipes causes the pipe to break due to the increased pressure. This could lead to a complete blockage in your pipes, which can damage your drains.

With our rooter services, we can reduce blockages and clogs in drains. We do this by using two methods.

  • The first method includes using hydro jetting and hydro scrubbing to force water through the pipes using pressure to clear the pipes and scrub away any additional built up debris in the walls of the pipes.
  • The second method includes using a rooter machine to break up the roots in the plumbing and completely flush them out of your drains.

To prevent further damage in your drains, it is recommended to leave this kind of job to professionals because it can be easy to damage your pipes. A rooter is a powerful machine, and we have the trained experts who know how to use it properly. Make our rooter services a part of your annual plumbing maintenance and call our friendly experts at (530) 273-3007.


Rooter Services