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Lazy Drains

Lazy Drains Septic, Sewer and Drain Cleaning has over 50 years of septic and drainage system experience that has been passed down through 5 generations. We’ve seen it all here and we’re not afraid to get dirty. Whatever it takes to get the job done, we’ll do!

Septic Repair

Septic systems must be properly maintained to optimize transport and degradation. If a septic system is neglected or poorly maintained, one runs the risk of having the systems contents back up and cause pipe breaks and external seepage. These are hazardous to the public and environment and carry huge health risks with them.

To prevent this problem, we send experienced specialists to the site and locate the areas which need attention. Lazy Drains Septic, Sewer, and Drain Cleaning’s services ranging from the simple patching and welding of breaks to the more critical, replacement of full parts of pipe. Our innovative tools and methods, make for a clean efficient job that’s sure to yield stellar results.

Septic Repair